Pawcify™ Grooming Glove
Pawcify™ Grooming Glove
Pawcify™ Grooming Glove
Pawcify™ Grooming Glove
Pawcify™ Grooming Glove
Pawcify™ Grooming Glove

Pawcify™ Grooming Glove

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As pawrents, we all ackwoledge the importance of grooming - better fur, removing dead skins, and also quality time we'd want to spend with our fur kids.

Sometimes, grooming our little ones is a breeze.

Other times, well, things could turn out to be disastrous. 

In order to ensure all pawrents have a good time grooming their loved ones, Pawvengers meticulously crafted the ultimate solution to pawfect pet grooming...  

Introducing Pawcify™️ - the ultimate grooming solution for cool pawrents

Pawfect For All Fur and Coat Type

We wanted a Holy Grail pet grooming tool that's one size fits all - and Pawcify™️ is designed to do exactly that. 

Whether your little ones are long or short coated, Pawcify™️'s rounded tips makes grooming smooth as silk, gentle and quick as breeze.

Easy to clean

Some prefer to flush the glove off the shed fur with water, while others hurriedly peel them off and move on to more important things. Either way, you can be assured that cleaning Pawcify™️ will only take seconds.

It's also a Bath Brush!

Simply wet and lather up your pup, and then gently massage your little ones with Pawcify™️. This super glove helps to effectively remove dirt and grime from the fur while removing dead skin gently. Your pet will thank you!

You'll Love It Too

Crafted with breathable mesh so that our palms don't get smelly and sweaty after the "dirty work". 

No Hand Too Big - Or Small

Features an adjustable velcro strap to fit hands of all sizes. Oh, it is anti-slip too!

Pawcify™️ is a worthwhile addition to your grooming arsenal, especially if your little ones tends to be a little nervous when brushed. You are just one step away from making sure your pup's coat stays in tip top condition :) Gets yours now!

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